About Us:

At Ultimate Orb we believe that games are for everyone with no exceptions. You can ask every person on this planet and they’re bound to have at least enjoyed playing one game. We aim to provide that memorable experience. The world is just a big game but with no reset button, a sentence that always motivated us at Ultimate Orb, knowing that every person has that one thing they’d like to bring into reality we at ultimate Orb aim to make it happen. Creating a game isn’t just making another project; it’s creating a new world with its own laws and experiences. We have been doing just that since 2015.


what We Do.

Our skill set is what defines us.

Single Player

From Hyper Casual to Hardcore, single player experiences come in different forms depending on what you’re trying to achieve we can help you decide which is most suitable for your idea.


Turn based, real time or a combination of both we use engines such photon or create custom server logic to bring the most fitting multiplayer experience for every game.

Front End

Utilizing the full potential of a game engine such as Unity nothing is impossible PC, Mobile, AR and VR in both unique and a cross-platform experiences.


Inventory, Score Tracking, Player Data and Leaderboards are just a little idea of what can be achieved to optimize a user’s experience on a single device or cross-platform. Closely followed by the right SDKs and game analytics we push the experience even further.

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Montreal, QC.

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+1 613-304-9306

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